FAQ – General Questions

What can I do on this website?
  • This website is for people who is looking for a nightout. You can search for nightclub of choice or browse through events. Get full details on events like VIP info directions and more.

What is community-based about it?
  • This website relys on users to interact with events by simply rating them, taking pictures with hashtags, and liking events as well. This allows others to get a better grasp on whats hot vs not and interact. More features will be considered in the feature.

What is the difference between web-app and native app?
  • The difference between the two is a native app is installed directly on your device and uses more control of its functions and a web-app is internet based and is powered by your mobile device’s web browser. We prefer offering this site as a web-app because our content is always being updated and it is easier to manage. Besides no extra mb being stored on your device is a win win!

What devices are capable of using this website in web-app mode?
  • At the moment only iOS devices and android devices with Chrome installed can use the web-app mode however all mobile devices with a browser have the same visual design and capabilities. We made sure that visually nothing was different between the two. Almost identical with only the web browser navigation menu being visible for other devices and startup splash screen.

How can I get web app on my device?
  • Visit our webpage for step by step direction for all devices. Click Here.

Web-app Troubleshooting

Web-app is not functioning correctly or at all:
  • Simple fix would be to delete web-app from device by holding down icon and tapping “x” while icon is shaking. Next go to Safari options in settings and clear history, cookies and data. Next go to Advance and make sure to erase any website data. Now go back to clubsforthenight.com on mobile device and re-add it back to home screen.

Content appears to be old or not updated:
  • Our website is optomized to the fullest with cache and CDN. The content you are seeing at the time can appear outdated only until the cache is refreshed or the CDN server providing you content receives updated version.

Web App freeze immediately after the iPhone awakens from locking:
  • Unfortunately users that have iOS 8 are affected and the issue isn’t within our control. The problem is being caused by a bug within iOS 8 which affects all web apps and we are waiting on a fix from Apple. When the app freezes on you, simply completely close the app. Re-open app from home screen and it should function properly.